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the design learning

To be candid, the Pilot Project didn't involve much designing. It was more of a 'give it a shot, stick to the budget, and see where it goes' kind of scenario. If I saw flooring on clearance I'd take it and run without pondering a specific color scheme, and opt for easy-to-install light fixtures regardless of whether they complemented the space. I made mistake after mistake and learned more than I ever anticipated. Check out my About page for the full story on how this journey began!

So, because this Pilot Project was less about vision boards and buttoned up craftsmanship, and more about learning, this page will follow suit.

I'm excited to share a mini-series of 'Oops' and 'Aha' moments I can recall from the Pilot Project and all subsequent projects. The 'Oops' moments are things I learned because I made a mistake, and the 'Aha' moments are things I learned before making a mistake. What you'll notice is there have been a lot of mistakes (yikes).


My aim is for these anecdotes to ignite your imagination and encourage exploration of how you can utilize your skills to jump in and create something uniquely yours while also demonstrating that stumbling along the way is just how it goes. You will become frustrated. You might want to toss in the towel, but you won't... because where's the glory in that?​

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